SPS 3D Upload

3D print jobs submitted today should start printing on Wednesday 18th July 2018.

For help on 3D printing, 3D Printing FAQ's are available.
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3D print jobs can be collected from:
Specialised Printing Services, Level 2, V Block (AM Fraser Library), QUT Gardens Point Campus
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3D printed objects should not be considered food safe or used in situations that may result in the plastic being exposed to high temperatures.

Removal of support material should only be done while wearing gloves and eye protection.

File upload

  • Files must be in .stl format, either ASCII or binary encoded.
  • Files must be in millimetres (mm).
  • The maximum printable dimensions are 10 x 10 x 10 cm.
  • The maximum printable volume is 500 cm3.
  • Maximum file size is 50MB.
If your file contains errors, we will reject your job back to you. There are some free tools on the internet to help you repair .stl files. For more advice, check 3D Printing FAQ's.
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